leDiet invites you to become part of a growing trend of shrinking waistlines via our state-of-the-art online application. Unlike unhealthy fad diets, this one-of-a-kind, physician-created technology produces an exclusive "me-based" solution for each consumer that will last a lifetime.

From its beginnings in Paris, France, in 1975, to its current ranking as the #1 online, self-help diet and nutrition website by a leading US Consumer Advocacy group in 2006, the success and growth potential are clear. Now is the time to join the leDiet movement.

1975: leDiet is born in Bichat Hospital, Paris, France - the world's leading hospital for the study of nutrition---by renowned Professor Dr. Marian Apfelbaum and Dr. David Benchetrit. Together, the leDiet team creates a weight loss program that leverages technology to customize an eating plan to each individual. A breakthrough at the time, the cost is too high... { read more }


Other Health Benefits

In addition to its appeal as an individualized-diet program, leDiet also offers solutions to broader health and wellness issues such as:

- Nutritional imbalances from poor diet composition
- Assistance for both overweight and under-weight individuals
- Hair and nail health
- Skin, wrinkles and overall vitality
- Disease management (Diabetes, HBP, Heart Disease, etc)
- Physiological states such as pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and extreme athletes


leDiet is proud to have established partnerships with leading portals and media brands in the United States and Europe, including: